Quetzalcoatl is not a myth...

Jean paul thierevere snakedesert2

Quetzalcoatl was real ...

The (very short) story behind the pic:
"Day 3 at Espolanus III in the Gemaron system.
Today again some of these strange Sky Mantas pull up in strange green colored sky along. But the study of these strange animals have to wait, because today is also the day on which the most important objective of the mission was accomplished: In the endless silence of the desert Chtal'uch'Kaa the Alpha squad has finally found a spine of the mythical Quetzlcoatl. And now, as the existence of this mythical creature is definitively proven, the team is very happy. Siu Pelotak can hardly believe it and her partner, Kos Ammotiké, is also visibly impressed. Even for this alone all hardships and troubles have been worthwhile. The only thing that still could surpass this find would be the discovery of a skull of the Quetzalcoatl. Chances are good so far... so the new day is dedicated to surprise the team again."

March 11, 2016